Dynamis runko on tehty korkea paineluokkaisesta MDF levystä. Kokonaisuudessa on hyödynnetty vanhempienmallien Astera, Karis ja Adamantes muotoilusta ja suunnittelusta opittuja taitoja. Erityinen GRP päälyste lisää kaiuttimen äänellisiä ominaisuuksi ja antaa rungolle pitkän käyttöiän.

Drivereissa on yhdistetty perinteistä ja uudenlaista teknologiaa. Dynamis kaiuttimeen on kehitelty monia osia juuri takaamaan parhaan mahdollisen äänen. Jopa liittimet on mittatilaustyönä tehty Diapasonille. Dynamiksen muoto ei ole sattuma on tarkkaan harkittu minkämuotoinen kaiutin saa parhaan mahdollisen äänen laadun.

Diapason kaiuttimista välittyy vahva Italialainen käsityöosaaminen sekä  uniikkius, eikä Dynamis tee tässäkään poikkeusta. Dynamis, jykevä tulinen Italialainen, joka saa aikaan kylmiäväreitä kuplivan procecco viinin tapaan.


The cabinet is made from high-density MDF using Diapason`s tried and tested assembly technology developed from years of building the Astera, Adamantes and Karis models.
A special GRP covering layer is then applied to give the loudspeaker long-term solidity as well as an improvement in sonic performance.
Italian Master Craftsmen – specialists in luxury finishing – then give the final touch to Dynamis by applying whatever colour or material that your imagination may suggest, to create in any listening environment a strong and original appearance statement.

Tradition and innovation blend together in harmony in the choice of technology for the drivers.

A large magnet system on paper Nextel coated midrange driver is used in order to have a very long coil excursion with very low distortion and an excellent transient response. Midrange is matched with an extraordinary silk soft dome tweeter provided by large magnetic flow; woofer completes the frequencies range giving a solid performance , impressive deep and controlled bass range performance.

The cross-over uses finest quality components and is built and wired entirely by hand in order to exclude any possibility of loss or phase rotation, and to ensure excellent dynamics under all conditions.
The quest for perfection is inherent in this loudspeaker and evident in the care taken with every detail.

The elegant connectors made by Diapason guarantee perfect contact with any system of cabling; the plinth is supplied with anti-scratch swivelling castors to make room placement easy, as too for the lower reflex port. The front baffle slope has been designed to allow pefect alignment of the drive units. The drivers are individually protected by a fixed, acoustically transparent grille which is attached to the loudspeaker by means of magnets, and which also enhances the beauty of the Dynamis design.